Thursday, May 17, 2012

Some Bonsai Miniatures

Nothing really exciting is going on with my plants right now, although I'm going to be doing some shaping/training this summer and I'll get pics of that. But I have made some miniatures/decorations for bonsai that I can talk about. I've made three so far, for scale they're on standard 3"x5" index cards. This is a little arch, although it didn't quite come out like I wanted. Here is a section of "field stone" wall. And lastly a slate path. Or wall, whatever I decide to do with it. I made the wall and arch with craft pebbles and superglue and the path is a broken up slate flooring tile. Also with super glue (SG). Because they're held together with glue I think I'm going to make sure to take them out of the pot before watering, once I have them set up. But I think SG is waterproof, I mean they use it in aquariums. But I guess we'll find out. Heh.

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